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(Лечение и реабилитация ребёнка с диагнозом ДЦП)

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  • The diagnose of Sasha Karus (birth date May 4, 2007) is the Сhild Сerebral Palsy (hypotonic form), optic nerve hipoplasia, bronco-lungs disposy and immune-deficiency because of born trauma.
    Sasha has serious problems with sight - growing optic nerve hipoplasia. Russian doctors say he can go blind. At present time hipoplasia is progressing, the prognosis - waist of sight at age of 3-4 years. The operation is possibly needed. Sasha had already passed diagnostic and rehabilitation in Singapore’s KK Hospital and China’s Hospital in 2008 and 2010. See a history of Sasha on
    The Singaporean doctors developed for us an individual program of physical rehabilitation for one year, with which we worked with Sasha - right now this program has got old. They invite Sasha for diagnostic and rehabilitation one time each year (each trip costs more then $ 7000).
    Also it is very important to pass through the restorative treatment in China 4 times a year, during few years (each trip costs about $ 4000). Sasha takes there manual therapy, acupuncture and acupuncture with electric tension on eyes, special massage for children with cerebral palsy and special herb medicine to strength immune system and brain. Acupuncture with electric tension on eyes is help for a limit time, because it stimulates only eye muscles but not optic nerves.
    There was no results after 1,5 year of treatment in Russia. And finally he got a problem – face cramp from overdose of medicine. In other case Sasha was doctored by too much long term of treatment by antibiotics (for two months). Doctors thought he has pneumonia. So they made X-rays for 7 times with very poor quality thinking that there is something in his lung. And finally they made a conclusion that it was a mistake – one lung was just damaged after reanimation procedures when Sasha was in coma (bronco-lungs disposy).
    By the time, a year ago, Sasha could not sit, crawl stand and walk. Since we started his rehabilitation abroad., he gets progressive results: Sasha now sits up, stands up (holding by something), crawls easily by him and walks holding by someone's hand and by the wall. Hi mentally is normal - he is clever and talking boy. But he still has problems with sight - growing optic nerve hipoplasia (he recognizes someone only till one miter distance). Hi still has a problems with bronco-lungs disposy (his lungs are damaged) and immune-deficiency (often gets cold with obstructive bronchitis) .
    In whole world there is an opinion that Сhild Сerebral Palsy (any form) is not treated, but only through rehabilitation child gets little support and during whole life a child/adult live with it. That's why russian doctors prognosed for Sasha to lie through whole his life (with no intellect, speech and moving activeness) because the main parts of the brain were damaged. We were not agree with this. There must be the way out. So how to determine this problem? Only one way - never give up, and we already have certain progresses.
    In developed countries the problem of child/adult invalids is solved very well in a way of developed dis-barrier environment, well equipped diagnostic and rehabilitation centres with training apparatuses and qualified instructors, special schools, and social ensuring with developed financial support (pension).
    What is in Russia? Nothing is developed for such invalids! There are no dis-barrier environment, no well equipped diagnostic and rehabilitation centres ( at least in our Far East region) with training apparatuses and qualified instructors, no special sch
    ools, and there is no social ensuring. It means that in Russia Sasha will be mentally and physically handicapped ore restricted in many ways.
    That’s why we are in a hurry trying to help him to become an independed person so he could study at hi-school and later at college ore university and could get a normal profession.. It’s much more productive to rehabilitate Sasha while he is a little child till 7 year-old. Because later it will be much more difficult to make it successful.
    So what are our aims and our mission as Sasha’s parents.


    1. To win a Сhild Сerebral Palsy till Sasha will get 7 year-age (according to his progressive results it is available);
    2. To win an optic nerve hipoplasy;
    3. To win bronco-lung disposy and immune-deficiency;

    1. To continue rehabilitation in China 4 times a year;
    2. To continue diagnostic in Singapore ore USA 1 time a year;
    3. To do every day exercises with Sasha at home;
    4. To teach Sasha to walk by himself;
    5. To develop Sasha mentally;
    6. To treat his sight and bronco-lung disposy.


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