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  • Главная » 2013 » Апрель » 7 » Hainan completes preparation for Boao Forum for Asia
    Hainan completes preparation for Boao Forum for Asia
    Hainan completes preparation for Boao Forum for Asia

    Hainan completes preparation for Boao Forum for Asia
    South China's Hainan Province has completed preparations for the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), which will be held on
    the island from April 6 to 8, organizers said Thursday.

    A reception center for the annual forum has been set up at the Meilan Airport in the provincial capital Haikou, located
    about 120 km north of the coastal town Boao, which will host the forum.

    About 1,200 armed police have been mobilized to guarantee the security of the event. All public security departments in
    the province have canceled leaves from March 26 to April 10 to maintain
    around-the-clock security, according to organizers.

    Aviation activities for sports, entertainment or advertisement will be banned from April 5 to 9 in the province.

    The theme for this year's forum is, "Asia Seeking Development for All: Restructuring, Responsibility and Cooperation."
    More than 10 heads of state from Asia and other regions have been
    invited to the event, and over 1,400 others, including 1,221
    businesspeople, are also expected to attend the event.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping will deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the forum.

    The BFA was launched in 2001 as a platform for high-level leaders from government, business and academic circles to
    discuss pressing global and regional issues.

    SOURCE: Xinhua
    Finnish President Sauli Niinisto to attend Boao Forum for AsiaAt a time when the European economy struggles with recession, the Asian market has kept its considerable growth. Comparing
    the different pictures, Finnish President Sauli Niinisto believes it is
    time for Europe to look eastward.

    "We should take lessons from developing countries where people work hard and see in their way a target where they have to
    go," said Niinisto on Tuesday, four days before his trip to Hainan,
    China, to attend the 2013 Boao Forum for Asia.

    "We have learned that Asian countries are going forward and we should be able to ask ourselves why we are stagnant in
    the way. And I think that it is just the target thinking and
    understanding that you just cannot leave things as they are and trust on
    your former good performance."
    Niinisto admitted that the target thinking is rare in developed western countries, where people enjoy high level of
    welfare, "get satisfied and do not have a new target, which nevertheless
    is the basic element for future."

    At his residence in Helsinki, Niinisto said the Boao Forum would be a good opportunity to hear from Asian leaders and make
    European voice heard.

    "I hope to learn more. I hope to have possibility of giving European opinion on that meeting," he told Xinhua reporters.

    The Boao Forum for Asia, a non-governmental annual convention in place for a decade, has attracted high ranking officials,
    business leaders, prominent scholars from the Asia-Pacific area and the
    rest of the world.

    However, Niinisto will be the only head of state from the European Union (EU) attending the forum over the weekend. He
    will attend a special session on European economy.

    The president's speech at the forum will focus on the problems Europe is facing, the reasons behind them, and the lessons
    learned. "I think that one of the most important lessons is that we
    cannot just ride with our former good performance."

    Another message Niinisto is going to deliver in Boao is his opinion that European and Asian economies are in the same boat.
    "Surely I will emphasize the importance of the cooperating and
    understanding the fact that we really globally are in the same boat."

    "Europe is still a very important market also for Asian countries. And I see that there is plenty to do in cooperating
    between Asian countries and the European Union economically," said
    Niinisto, underlying that China has taken part in efforts to help
    recover the European economy.
    Finland survives the ongoing crisis partly due to open mind towards eastern world.

    Since elected the president of Finland early last year, Niinisto has been active calling for repositioning the Nordic
    country to adapt to the dynamic world changes.

    "Somehow we in the western world have seen us as overwhelming in economy and maybe otherwise too, and now it's a kind of
    wake up and we have to understand that there is approximately one
    billion people living in the western world but there are 6 billion
    people elsewhere too. We have noticed how rapidly the growth is taking
    place in other places than in the Western world."

    Facing a new world order, Finland has to be open for that, said the president.

    Unlike some major European countries, Finland has shown a more open and solution-oriented attitude towards Asian
    countries, both economically and politically.

    "We are not that concentrated to other European Union countries than they on average are, for example in trading, and
    that has saved us also from the ongoing crisis. We are doing better than
    countries in EU on average, thanks also to our relations to China,
    Russia, and so on."

    Advocating European cooperation with Asia, Niinisto also saw the importance of cultural tolerance. "We should learn a bit
    more about different cultures, or Asian cultures, so as to better
    understand each others," he said.

    Talking about the culture-based differences between European countries in their diplomatic approaches, Niinisto attributed
    Finnish pragmatism to the nation's natural uniqueness. "I guess it's the
    harsh circumstances we have been living for centuries here sometimes in
    dark and cold, that has made people quiet and pragmatic to survive."

     Завершена подготовка к Боаоскому азиатскому форуму (БАФ), который пройдет на острове Хайнань с 6 по 8 апреля 2013 года. Гостей форума будут принимать в аэропорту Мэйлань в столице провинции городе Хайкоу, расположенном примерно в 120 км к северу от прибрежного города Боао, где будет проходить форум. Для обеспечения безопасности мероприятия мобилизовано около 1 200 полицейских. Тема форума в этом году «Азия в поиске развития для всех: реструктуризация, ответственность и сотрудничество». На мероприятие приглашены более 10 глав государств стран Азии и других регионов, кроме того, в форуме примут участие около 1400 человек, из них около 1200 бизнесменов. На церемонии открытия форума выступит председатель КНР Си Цзиньпин. БФА проводится с 2001 года в качестве платформы для обсуждения актуальных глобальных и региональных проблем на уровне глав государств, деловых и академических кругов.

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