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  • Главная » 2015 » Январь » 11 » Дьютифри Санья 2015 Transports to Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center in Sanya
    Дьютифри Санья 2015 Transports to Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center in Sanya
    Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center, the world’s largest duty-free shop, opened its doors on September 1st.
    For those who want to visit the new duty-free center, there are several options for transportation to the Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center. For people staying in Dadonghai, Yalong Bay or Wuzhizhou Island, the easiest way is to take the duty-free company’s own free shuttle buses.
    Furthermore, the local government also opens 2 new bus routes running from downtown to the Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center. Alternatively, you can also take taxis or drive your own vehicles there.
    Here are the transport options to Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center in Sanya:
    1). 3 free shutter bus routes:

    Dadonghai Line: Luhuitou Square—Dadonghai—Hongsha Town—Jiyang Town—East-line Expressway—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center

    Yalong Bay Line: Yalong Bay Square—Yalong Bay hotels—Jiyang Town—East-line Expressway—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center

    Wuzhizhou Island Line: Wuzhizhou Island—Sheraton Sanya Haitang Bay Resort—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center
    The free shutter buses leaving Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center to Sanya downtown run every 30 minutes from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm. The returning buses run from 11:30am to 10:00pm.
    2). By bus:
    Bus No.34
    Bus route: Lv Hai Tian Yuan in Sanya Bay (绿海田园小区)— Shui Li Da Sha(水利大厦)— Luhuitou Square(鹿回头广场)—Dadonghai Square(大东海广场) –-Jiyang Market(吉阳菜市场)—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center(海棠湾免税购物中心)
    Hours of operation:
    Lv Hai Tian Yuan—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center direction: 9:00am-9:00pm
    Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center—Lv Hai Tian Yuan direction: 10:00am-10:00pm

    Bus No.35
    Sanya Railway Station(三亚火车站)—Phoenix Water Town(凤凰水城)—Youyi Road(友谊路)—Yingbin Garden Community(迎宾花园)— Shi Zong Gong Hui (市总工会)—Tong Xin Jia Yuan(同心家园3期)—loop expressway section of Qiongzhou University(琼州学院)—Lin Wang Expressway Exit (林旺高速出口)—Haitang Bay Square(海棠广场)—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center(海棠湾免税购物中心)
    Hours of operation:
    Sanya Railway Station—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center direction: 8:30am-9:00pm
    Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center—Sanya Railway Station direction: 9:30am-10:00pm
    The bus tickets are calculated by the number of bus stops of a passengers’ ride, from 2 yuan to 11 yuan. The buses depart every 8-12 minutes. 
    3). By Car:
    a. Haikou—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center route:
    Haikou--- Hainan Ring Expressway---Tengqiao Exit—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center
    b. Sanya downtown area—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center route:
    Dadonghai line: Dadonghai Square—Yuya Road—Jiyang Avenue—Yingbin Road—Hainan Ring Expressway—Tengqiao Exit—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center
    Sanya Phoenix Airport line: Sanya Phoenix Airport—Fenghuang Road-- Hainan Ring Expressway—Tengqiao Exit—Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center

    4). By Taxi: Taxis are available from the Sanya area directly to Haitang Bay Duty-free Shopping Center.

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    1 karustanya  
    Sanya is not a vacation paradise, it is also a shopping paradise. Sanya
    crafts and tourist souvenirs take advantage of Sanya’s abundant natural
    resources and are primarily made from local materials. Tropical
    atmosphere, local style and ethnic minorities blend together into a wild
    variety of colorful gifts.
     General types of Sanya souvenirs included carved coconuts, gifts made from
    seashells, natural crystals, ethnic handicrafts, island wear and much
    more. Because of its location, Sanya also abounds with tropical fruits
    and delicious seafood.
     1. Special Local Products In Sanya, tourists can buy Hainan’s especially famous local products
    include black pepper, spicy yellow chilli, Fushan Coffee, Xinglong
    Coffee. Local teas such as Baisha’s green tea and Chengmai’s Kuding tea
    are also quite well known throughout China. Sanya has innumerable
    varieties of tropical fruits, of which banana, dragon fruit, lichi,
    longan, mango, pineapple and mangosteen are but a few. Sanya also has
    all kinds of marine products which sold dried in the market.
     Any of the above are essential gifts to bring back for friends and family.
     2. Handicrafts  a. Carved coconut souvenirs These handicrafts made of carved coconut shell (often dyed in bold colors) are elegant reminder of Hainan’s artistic style.  b. Cultured pearlsSanya produce a variety of pearl products ranging from mother of pearl beads,
    buttons to jewelry quality round and semi-round pearl necklaces.
    Visitors can also buy pearl powder for cosmetic and medicinal use.
     c. Island WearHainan Island Wear is a series of riotously patterned shirts, shorts, skirts,
    dresses, hats and scarves. Featuring patterns of palm trees, coconut
    shells, coral and Hainan scenery, Island Wear is a great way to remember
    your Sanya experience.
     d. Li Minority textiles These gorgeous hand-woven bags, fabric hangings, handkerchiefs, scarves, and
    skirts are decorated with a stunning variety of patterns and forms.
     e. Natural crystal Sanya has a variety of naturally colored crystal brooches, earrings, and
    necklaces. These items are admired and loved by foreign and domestic
    tourists alike.

     3. Duty-free Shopping Shopping is another prime motivation for travelers going on trips to Sanya.  The offshore tax-free policy on Hainan Island, which allows tourists to
    spend up to 5,000 yuan on imported commodities without paying taxes, was
    implemented in April 2011.
     The goods on offer at the store include jewelry, handicrafts, watches, perfumes and cosmetics.  The Haitang Bay Duty Free Complex, the world's largest duty free compleх

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